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If you already have a reward card, no updates are required. It will automatically start to accumulate 5% of your bill. Ask your server for your Rewards Card and start accumulating your dollars (5% of your bill). By default, your card is “pre-active” (this only allows you to accumulate Ben & Florentine Dollars). You must activate your card to use your dollars (1 point = 1 Ben & Florentine Dollar = 1 Canadian dollar).


Once your card is activated, you can:

  •  Manage your account
  •  Check your balance
  •  Receive exclusive promotions including discounts or free products
  •  Manage your account
  •  Pay your bill

Examples of cumulated Ben & Florentine Dollars:

  •  $1 spent = $0.05 cumulated
  •  $10 spent = $0.50 cumulated
  •  $100 spent = $5.00 cumulated

This Rewards Card is not a credit card. It identifies the card holder as a Ben & Florentine Rewards Collector. Use of this Rewards Card is subject to activation and the acceptance of the terms governing its use.

The card holder’s right to use this Rewards Card and to collect or redeem Ben & Florentine Rewards may be terminated or modified at any time in accordance with the terms and conditions. This Rewards Card remains the property of Ben & Florentine Restaurants Inc. and must be returned upon demand. This Rewards Card may be used at any participating Ben & Florentine location. It is not redeemable for cash.

* Offer started on September 14th 2015 (we offered a 2% reward before this date)